Design & Planning


Identification and definition of requirements, link budget analysis, preliminary and final design, frequency planning, capacity estimation and site surveys are all performed during the design phase of a project.

Subsequently a project timetable is defined and divided into work packages.

Installation & Integration


Installation can be performed by qualified nCentric engineers onsite, or by the client’s engineers with guidance of the nCentric support staff.


Typical activities performed during an installation are site survey, radio frequency exposure analysis, traffic analysis, performance and capacity measurements, network deployment, antenna placement and alignment, etc.

During the integration phase nCentric provides extensive assistance to enable the client’s applications on the new network to maximize the efficiency of operations.

Monitoring & Maintenance


Keeping wireless networks in optimal condition is an ongoing task, especially in an offshore environment. nCentric believes that pro-active maintenance is a requirement for any network and should be an integral part of your wireless network operations.

Leveraging in-house developed monitoring tools we can provide remote monitoring. For mission-critical deployments nCentric engineers can remain onsite 24/7 to guarantee the highest performance and efficiency at all times.