Nova Node

wireless mesh.

Nova Node

nCentric’s Nova Node is a field-coverage node designed specifically for offshore markets to provide state-of-the-art, reliable and flexible broadband communication between rigs, vessels and onshore facilities.


By providing seamless mobility, critical applications like VoIP, video streaming and data, transmissions are not interrupted as they move through the network. For large-scale, long-distance wireless mesh networks the Nova Node is the next generation in unmatched scalability, flexibility and capacity.


Nova Node Tech & Specs

  • Provides a fully IP based network
  • Auto-configuring and self-healing 3rd generation mesh network
  • Quad-radio architecture allows higher throughputs over multiple hops
  • Patented channel management minimizes interference and maximizes bandwidth (US 168706, EP 1936878)
  • Easily installed, compact all-outdoor single unit
  • Highly cost-effective due to usage of unlicensed spectrum
  • Designed for offshore industrial environment
  • Built-in mobile (3G/LTE) back-hauling and Iridium connectivity