nCentric provides Heerema platform with video hardware

nCentric provides Heerema platform with video hardware

Chevron North America Exploration and Production Company (CHV) has awarded Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) the contract for the transportation and installation of the Big Foot TLP platform including moorings and SCR pull-in. The Big Foot platform will be located in the Gulf of Mexico, Walker Ridge Block 29, in a water depth of approx. 5,185 ft. For execution of the project Heerema Marine Contractors will mobilise its Deepwater Construction Vessel Balder and associated marine spread. Project execution is scheduled for 03/2015.


During the mooring operation, Heerema’s Balder, along with a number of support vessels, must install 16 mooring lines,four on each column. Mission critical visual coverage of the subsea work is provided by 32 high definition subsea cameras, each surveying the mooring line. Due to their critical nature, these video streams must be simultaneously broadcast to all vessels working on the mooring, with minimal delay in transmission This requires a wireless communication network between Heerema’s vessel and  Chevron Big Foot rig supporting unprecedented amounts of data.

nCentric developed four Camera Interface Junction boxes containing all the necessary video hardware (i.e. HD analog to digital conversion, power supply, serial converters, monitoring, acclimatization, etc.) and control systems in a redundant setting. A junction box was installed on each of the tension legs, interconnected by a new fiber backbone on the platform. Finally, a control room was set up with added redundant storage to allow all video information to be simultaneously viewed on multiple displays on the client structure, Bigfoot.


Similar control rooms were set up on the most important support vessels. Existing IT infrastructure on the smaller vessels was adapted to display images in real time.