nCentric acquires Meshbone and it’s patent portfolio.

nCentric acquires Meshbone and it’s patent portfolio.

Ghent and Bruges (Belgium), 22 January 2014.


Meshbone, a Flemish start-up company that has matured within the iMinds business incubation program, has been acquired by nCentric Inc. nCentric – a fast-growing provider of offshore network solutions – will integrate Meshbone’s wireless mesh technology in its roadmaps, as a basis for future expansion.


Originating from an iMinds - University of Antwerp research project, Meshbone addresses the challenge of providing wireless network coverage in large, hard-to-reach geographic areas. Leveraging ‘wireless mesh’ network technology, Meshbone’s solutions enable wireless access points to talk to one another so that any message can ‘hop’ from one node to the next, until it finally reaches its destination. The need for wireline (inter)connections between the access points is thus removed, the installation of which is often cumbersome and expensive.


In the framework of iMinds’ iStart incubation program, Meshbone evolved to become a credible player with a mature technology, its unique value proposition being its business case: contrary to competitive solutions, Meshbone’s approach is purely software-based – which makes it quickly and easily adaptable to customers’ specific needs. That made Meshbone the ideal partner for nCentric, a fast-growing provider of offshore network solutions, headquartered in Bruges, which was looking to extend its knowledge of intelligent mesh technology to support its further expansion.  


“nCentric provides network solutions to support communication between ships and oil/gas rigs – or between ships that are operating in the vicinity of these rigs. Our customer database includes major players such as Shell, BP America and Dredging International,” says Mitch De Geest, CEO of nCentric. “We were already working with Meshbone to provide our customers with an end-to-end solution, but in order to continue our international expansion more rapidly, we needed to gather all solution components in-house. The Meshbone technology is thus instrumental to our future growth.”


“Today marks a memorable day in the history of Meshbone,” says Nik Van den Wijngaert – who co-founded the start-up in 2009, together with Prof. Chris Blondia from the University of Antwerp. “This acquisition allows Meshbone to become part of nCentric’s longer-term technology roadmap – the dream of any entrepreneur. It also shows that Flemish business incubators such as iMinds have the right instruments to give start-ups in the ICT business the proper means to grow. And the mere fact that Meshbone’s technology will now be used to reinforce the growth of another Flemish company with clear international ambitions, definitely adds to iMinds’ credentials too.”