Joe Biden thanks nCentric for help during oil spill.

Joe Biden thanks nCentric for help during oil spill.

Brussels (Belgium), 07 May 2010.


Today an nCentric delegation was invited by Belgian Prime Minster Yves Leterme and Vice President Joe Biden for its continuing assistance in containing the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill.


nCentric’s technology was a key communication component used by all vessels responsible for stopping the leak that resulted after the explosion of the Transocean Deep Water Horizon”, explains Jurgen Ingels, Chairman of the board of nCentric. “By using nCentric’s communication node onboard 8 vessels, we were able to stream more than 10 live ROV video images to the offshore central command and enable BP to make better decisions faster”.

During the meeting Joe Biden recognized the nCentric team for its quick response, flexibility and innovative technology. “We never taught our technology would play such an important role when we started the company, said CEO Mitch De Geest.” It is a honor for all nCentric employees and encourages us to continue developing state-of-the-art products”.