Article: No strings attached

Article: No strings attached

Wireless technology brings the industry (and people) together. No stings attached illustrates how nCentric creates an offshore experience, onshore. 

With advances in technology, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if in a few decades from now, we were all living in a virtually wire free world. nCentric’s products and wireless networks are now widely deployed and used to provide fast, reliable and cost-effective broadband communications between assets and vessels and onshore facilities.

The industry relies on anywhere, anytime communications and amidst the backdrop of tough operating conditions, technology which can enhance the speed and safety of projects. The need for an infrastructure that allows all assets, whether fixed or in motion, to connect and communicate in real-time, at all times is growing. 

The main goal of the ‘offshore 5G ready partnership’ is to give the offshore users a more reliable, high speed, high capacity, low latency internet link which covers the full Belgian North Sea.

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