The dredging industry is facing more challenges and greater complexity than ever before. Excavation operations are increasingly made in remote and challenging locations, while efficiency constantly needs to be improved.


nCentric supports dredging companies by providing seamless, high-bandwidth communication services between all parties involved in a complex dredging operation.

Field Coverage


We develop products that interconnect large dredgers, survey vessels and onshore offices with  an ad-hoc self-forming mesh network. This network allows our clients to easily synchronize large (survey) files, exchange live HD video, enable M2M communication, etc. By connecting people and processes, we can maximize efficiency and create opportunities to make better decisions faster.

Extending the onshore internet connection from the reclamation office to all assets in the field can cut down on communication costs for all parties involved, while the bandwidth increases exponentially and latencies become negligible.

Live survey data synchronization

A key factor in maximizing efficiency of an excavation operation lies in cutting the dredger downtime to a minimum. Eliminate the costly delays caused by exchanging survey data between sonar vessels and onshore survey office on physical data bearers.

An nCentric mesh network will allow the survey engineers onshore to start processing data as it is synchronized live from the survey vessel, allowing the dredger to start excavating faster than ever.

Satellite streaming

Satellite communication has been in use for many years. It is the most widespread technology; it is well known and widely used in nearshore communications. When operating in remote locations, nCentric can implement cutting-edge video technologies to allow high-quality live streaming over a limited VSAT uplink to our geographically distributed datacenters.


Engineers can monitor and assist operations as if they were onsite with latencies lower than two seconds.