Jean Gabriel

Combining expertise as CEO, Marketing Director and Strategy and M&A Director, Jean Gabriel helps business leaders address the operational challenges of successful transition & change management and new strategy design & implementation. He intervenes as Transition manager, advisor, strategy repositioning, mergers, turn around, pre and post M&A business integration, and launch of new business. He held Executive Committee positions as director for Strategy, Marketing and business Development (Telenet), as legal Director (Belgacom) and M&A responsible (Société Générale de Belgique).


Jurgen Ingels

Jürgen Ingels is the inventor of the Clear2Pay platform, and founded the company, together with Michel Akkermans. Before founding Clear2Pay, Mr. Ingels worked as Senior Investment Manager with Dexia Ventures, the venture capital division of Dexia Bank, Belgium's largest commercial bank. Mr. Ingels's role at Dexia Bank was focused on investing in start-up companies, and taking a pro-active role in their business strategy, product launches and financial management.


Eric Brouwers

Erik Brouwers is General Manager of Barco NV Dubai. Barco designs and develops visualization solutions for a variety of selected professional markets: control rooms, defense & aerospace, digital cinema, and healthcare. Before joining Barco, he was CEO of Mitra Energy, General Manager of Cherokee Europe and member of the executive committee of the public company Cherokee International  in California, USA. Both companies  are designing, manufacturing Electrical Power Conversion solutions or Telecom, Transport, Industrial and Medical markets worldwide.


Michel Akkermans

Michel Akkermans is Chief Executive Officer of Clear2Pay, an innovative e-finance company. Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, with offices worldwide the company's focus is to facilitate banks and financial organizations in their provision of electronic payments services. A proven pioneer in the world of e-finance, in 1989 Michel founded FICS. Under his leadership FICS grew to employ over 700 employees and revenues in excess of USD 70 million. In 1999 FICS merged with Security First Technologies, creating the market leader in Internet banking - S1 Corporation (Nasdaq: SONE), with Michel as its Chairman.


Freek Pauwels

Freek’s interest in technology has been reflected during his studies as engineer. After a brief career in the field of Insurance, Freek started up and invested in several technology companies, where he has been actively involved in the management of it. He has also been providing leadership to a variety of engineering disciplines across the diverse companies; specializing in project management and system integration of mechanical, electrical and software control projects.


Mitch De Geest


As resourceful and creative management executive with a global perspective Mitch has proven in the past year to be a successful serial-business-creator. He has a successful track record in managing and shows entrepreneurial skills across the multiple channels and geographies where the companies are  actively involved. Excellent analytical, inter-personal, written and verbal communication skills with a proven ability to lead, and to deliver rapid and sustainable results.